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Physical Appearance of Esmeralda
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    Ethnically Ambiguous / Multiracial
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7 comments on Esmeralda

  • tatianaoliveira .hy are you casting black and white actresses as Esmeralda? She's Romani (gypsy), an ethnic gypsy (in the Disney version atleast; In the Victor Hugo's book, she's a white French teenage girl raised as a gypsy)

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  • samanthaa Romani gyspy, Nortthern Indian. Olive/tanned skin with green eyes. Don't mess this up guys.

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  • abejundixio077 Listen to Dasha Grady's version of Hunchback of Notre Dame she recorded for an album in 2013. It's just perfect! She's gypsy and Disney has approached her for Aladdin and Star Wars before

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  • martinabonavita I would propose Ana de Armas. She has a beauty like a wild flower, a beauty full of humanity, with a penetrating and expressive gaze… as the Esmeralda gaze! (although the eye color is amber and not green and the hair color is not black). Otherwise, I was reminded of a 44-year-old actress who, aesthetically, resembles Esmeralda and has Romani origins: Simonida Selimovic

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  • lilarmy Shanina Shaik

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