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  • peterjudge04 Synopsis: At the beginning of the movie, professor Franklin Pierce of the " Christian European-American League Against Communism" explains in a black-and-white propaganda movie how abortion, gay civil rights, atheism and "miscegenation" are all part of a Soviet and Chinese plan to make America a communist state. The action shifts to the little town of Demetra, Louisiana, in 1983, where young Jewish-American student Billy Eisner is an activist for the mayoral campaign of liberal candidate Herbie Casey. While having a trip with his girlfriend Ellen Mack, Billy meets a rally of the youth section of CEALAC, between them spoiled daddy's boy Wade Roberts, who impolitely flirts with Ellen and mocks Billy calling him a "commie" and "Hymie". Billy is angered, but the activists are too many and he refuses to fight. Elderly Casey's opponent is young, soft-spoken populist Alexander Candy, one of the leaders of. CEALAC who's voiced to have contacts with KKK militants. However, Candy is supported by many people and easily defeats Casey in a mayoral radio debate. One night, Wade and his friends harass Moses, a young black man who they saw coming out of a gay bar. They call him racial and homophobic slurs and menace them to tell his secret to everyone. When one of the bullies tries to hit Moses, he fights back but is easily beaten to death by the fascists. Billy, who was a friend of the man, attends his funeral at a predominately black church with Ellen, who tells him she had suspects that Moses was gay. Come back to home, Billy finds a noose on his porch, alongside the script "No room for commies". Hearing of a far-right bombing in an Alabama gay bar where two men were killed, Billy organizes a protest demonstration in Demetra principal square. Alexander Candy denounces Billy as a "communist" brainwashed by "Jewish propaganda" in a radio interview, while Herbie Casey praises him as a courageous young man. During the protest, Billy takes a break to go to the restroom in a pub, but here he meets Wade who attacks him with a billiard stick. After a fight, though seriously injured, Billy manages to drown Wade in a WC. However, when he comes back to the square, he finds horror and destruction: someone put a bomb that killed 8 people, including Ellen. During another mayoral debate, Casey accuses Candy of being involved in the bombing, while Candy calmly defends himself accusing "communists" of it. Coming back to school, Billy meets other CEALAC young activists who give him brochures, smiling.
  • peterjudge04 On May 28th 1974, Neo-Fascist terrorist movement "Ordine Nuovo" put a bomb in Piazza Loggia, Brescia, Italy, during an anti-fascist protest, killing 8 people and injuring other 102. Say their names: Giulietta Banzi Baioli, Livia Bottardi in Milani, Alberto Trebeschi, Clementina Calzari Trebeschi, Euplo Natali, Luigi Pinto, Bartolomeo Talenti, Vittorio Zambarda. Never forget. Never again. Rest In Power.

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