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Fan Casting Roles for Matt Reeves' The Batman Trilogy



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9 comments on Matt Reeves' The Batman Trilogy

  • lifh_qeriol Why the actual heck would you cast Halle Berry, who's really old to play as Barbara Gordon, who literally is younger than batman and has an intimate relationship with him? and how the hell can her father be a year older than her? Halle berry is 55 and Jeffrey Wright is 56... cmon people

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    • nerdperson @lifh_qeriol is that anymore insane than the picks for any of the Robins lol who are all the same age as Batman Dylan O Brian is literally 3 years younger. But yeah I do agree why would someone do that unless like a joke.

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    • nerdperson @stevensmeagol not the best solution I’d say. Seeing how much that tech is still in its infancy and how much it gets criticized for looking rough and especially if you plan on using it the whole movie can’t see that working out in the best way.

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    • stevensmeagol @nerdperson You're forgetting about de-aging technology

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  • batsonjacksont Real talk: I doubt that most of these characters would appear in this trilogy

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    • nerdperson @batsonjacksont prolly get 25% of all these characters most likely really won’t see any if at all of the bat family .

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    • oscarpacino @batsonjacksont I'm pretty sure Matt Reeves wants to aim for it to be realistic like TDK Trilogy but also gothic and dark like the Burton films... Healthy balance to create another trilogy I must say

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