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2 comments on The Ballad of Beatriz

  • thecookieprincess The story is set in 1326, in some fictional European country ruled by King Archibald. One day, while strolling through his country's capital, he comes across a young woman named Beatriz, who is a beggar. He falls in love with her. He orders his favorite knight-Bard-to bring her to the castle, where Beatriz is to become his wife and queen. When the Bard manages to find her, she agrees to become King Archibald's wife, because she knows it's the only way to put herself out of poverty, and she's not doing it for love. A few days later, a lavish wedding takes place. Beatriz, despite her life in the castle and her wealth, is unhappy being married to a man much older than her. When the king goes to peace talks with a king from a neighboring state, he decides to leave his wife in the care of the Bard-whom he has full confidence in. Beatriz and Bard, spending time with each other, experience an infatuation with each other until they soon fall in love. They maintain their secret love affair even while the king is present. One evening, however, they are set upon by another knight during their meeting. Seeing them half-naked, kissing and hugging on a haystack, he immediately reports it to the king. The latter at first wants to kill the Bard, but Beatriz asks him not to. The king, knowing that this is his favorite and best knight, agrees and instead orders him to execute a punishment of 40 lashes and lock him in a dungeon. Beatriz finds him there cut up from the lashes and barely alive, but seeing her he immediately gets up exultant. Beatriz tells him that she lulled the guards with a drink made by a certain apothecary and obtained the key to the cell. They both escape. The king, however, did not miss this and sends a chase after them, ordering them to be brought back alive. After capture, Beatriz and Bard are transported back to King Archibald's court. Instead of killing him, the King challenges Archibald to a duel to the death and for Beatriz.
    • thecookieprincess @thecookieprincess The king, however, does not intend to fight fair and one of his knights-Arthur-stabs a blade into the Bard's back by surprise. The wounded Bard falls to the ground. The king wants to finish him off, but Beatriz unexpectedly shields her beloved with her body. However, it is too late, the King instead of stopping the sword nails them both. Desperate, he pulls out the sheathed sword, and seeing what he has done decides to do what Beatriz would surely want- He makes a joint funeral for her and Bard- they are buried in one grave holding hands. The king, in despair, walks around the city where he encounters another beggar woman who, seeing him crying, decides that she will comfort him - after all, he is her ruler. The king thus finds a new love, and proposes to her. The two visit Beatriz and Bard's grave from time to time....

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