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Fan Casting Agravaine de Bois

Role added by annelee on April 2, 2020

Description of Agravaine de Bois:

Agravaine is Ygraine's older brother. He is naturally protective over Ygraine, and this makes him sometimes hostile towards Uther. He and his brother Tristan never truly liked the Pendragons, as they were often rivals in jousting tournaments and melees. Agravaine is cunning, sly, and unafraid to backstab anyone for his own purposes. However, he is still honorable in that he is well-mannered, pleasant (at least in appearances), and loyal to those he loves. He may have a crush on Vivienne. (portrayed by Nathaniel Parker in Merlin)



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Physical Appearance of Agravaine de Bois
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    White / European Descent
  • Body Type: edit
    Heavyset / Stocky
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