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2 comments on Tesla:Banning Addison Holley And Her Uncle

  • johannarivera1 @americanalligator4 he's copying my car stories!

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  • johannarivera1 @americanalligator4 watch this. @saransharora05 Stop copying my car stories! This is exactly what my friend @americanalligator4 and I mean with you're a horrible user and deserve to be banned forever from this site. It's your fault why Joey King my new Renee Zellweger counterpart is getting compared to those dumb actresses Addison Holley and Kallan Holley by this site. We'll news flash dude, Joey King looks nothing like those dumb ugly actresses, she's not similar to either Addison Holley or her younger sister Kallan Holley and she's a way better Actress than Addison Holley and Kallan Holley! So, Go cry about it! You Loser!

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