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3 comments on Tarzan (2025)

  • adrianabengozarlopez Why is there a sloth bear and a Bengal tiger if Tarzan takes place in Africa and those animals live in India? Anyway, this is Tarzan, not The Jungle Book.
    • safaribuddy98 @adrianabengozarlopez A Sloth Bear and A Tiger are supposed to be in India! NOT AFRICA!
    • adrianabengozarlopez @safaribuddy98 Well, that's what I'm telling you, that sloth bears and tigers live in India, but Tarzan's story is set in Africa, that's why it doesn't make sense to put a tiger and a bear in this story when there is already a story about children. Raised in the jungle it happens in India and there is a bear and a tiger. Anyway, I accept the wild boar and the macaw, because although the common wild boar lives in Eurasia and North America it could be used to make a warthog or a red river boar, and the macaw by any parrot that lives in Africa, but is that a tiger and a bear, unless you put the tiger as a Congo lion does not paint here.

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