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Fan Casting Roles for Superman Genesis


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4 comments on Superman Genesis

  • p3rs0na Solid but not my cup of tea.
    • p3rs0na @castingsinmyblood I really only care about the major ones such as director, writer, composer, and cinematographer and they are all solid choices. Not a fan of the writer as Darabont is hit and miss and as he's so old I doubt he has a good idea for the character. I don't have a choice right now as I'd have to do some research. But I like the rest.

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    • castingsinmyblood @persona eh, that's cool. How'd you feel about the crew?
    • castingsinmyblood @persona cool by me. Plus there's plenty of other writers to pick from. John Logan, Michael Chabon, James Schamus, pick your poison

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