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14 comments on Spider-Man 4

  • fredericarrowsmith Tom Holland is 25 years old so his potential love interest should be around the same age.Sadie Sink from Stranger Things is 19 but looks about 14 so her opposite Tom Holland looks like some creepy shiz.

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  • jeffdaniels4george Guys someone’s trolling this page and removed Jim Carrey who is the fan favourite to play Adolf Hitler in the film, this is unacceptable and those who are caught will be prosecuted

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    • george4jeffdaniels @jeffdaniels4george my boys are on it and will soon dox who is responsible, and we WILL get justice

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    • george4jeffdaniels @mlg9420nftz The Crossing (2000) Blue-Ray, starring Jeff Daniels as George Washington: In 1776, less than six months after the Declaration of Independence, the Continental Army, under the command of General George Washington, was on the brink of utter defeat. Low on men, cannon and supplies, Washington decides to risk everything on one last desperately daring attack on the town of Trenton where over 1000 of the feared Hessian mercenaries are garrisoned.

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    • mlg9420nftz @jeffdaniels4george I will find him, what’s the reward?

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  • george4jeffdaniels Yeah I completely agree, but I wonder how the would integrate Jeff Daniels’ “George Washington” (The Founding Farther) into the story as well as his interactions with other central characters.

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  • mlg9420nftz Why is george washington and hitler in spiderman?

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  • george4jeffdaniels Guys I am not being funny who the fudge removed Carey’s performance of Hitler

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  • jeffdaniels4george I agree, I feel Jeff Daniels would steal our hearts if he was in the film, honestly I think he would be a good follow up to Holland’s
    • george4jeffdaniels @jeffdaniels4george Guys new just in Jim Carey is playing Adolf Hitler! I can’t wait to see how that contrasts with Jeff’s Performance Washington because of their history on the movie “dumb and dumber”.
  • jeffdaniels4george @george4jeffdaniels I think Carrey will be good, but not Jeff Daniels good. I mean come on, did you see The Crossing with Jeff Daniels as George Washington??
  • fancast_with_mike is this not supposed to be Tobey Maqurie Spiderman ???
  • icantthinkofaname69 Worst casting ever

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