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Fan Casting Roles for Son of Godzilla



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28 comments on Son of Godzilla

  • toonking1985 The group of kids in this movie, I imagine them to be a group of preteen (11-13 year old) kids you know like modernized Goonies. They would not be portrayed like those archetypes in movies but be realistic to kids in real life. Now each kid has their own views on the Titans and backgrounds. The group consists of three boys and two girls.

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    • toonking1985 The main kid of the movie is named Joel Taylor and he is the closest to Minya, he views Titans as cool creatures, and his character is influenced by those protagonist kids like Elliott from ET, anime kid protagonists like Ash from Pokemon and Tai from Digimon, and Hogarth from Iron Giant for example.

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    • toonking1985 One of the girls of the group is a Japanese-American girl named Emiko Kitigawa (named after the character from the 1954 film and the Millennium suit actor for Godzilla), she has an outspoken and friendly personality, and she and her family view the Titans as gods.

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    • toonking1985 There is also a nerd type of kid who is the oldest of the group, he is a dweeb, he views Titans as threats which makes him not trust Minya but he warms up to Minya as the movie progresses.

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  • toonking1985 So I was influenced by ET, Goonies, Stand By Me, Monster Squad, Harry and the Hendersons, Sandlot, Iron Giant, those anime with kid protagonists like Pokemon and Digimon, Monster House, Water Horse, Super 8, Stranger Things, and IT when I thought of this idea.

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  • jpstudios11 Sounds very good. I like this pitch.

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  • toonking1985 As for the monster antagonist Gabara, he is portrayed as a predator that hunts, kills, and eats baby Godzillas like Minya.
    • toonking1985 He is more of a fighter and is more powerful than he was in Godzilla's Revenge (since the climactic battle between Godzilla and Gabara would last for several minutes).
    • toonking1985 He is either 125 meters tall or 127.8 meters tall, has a hunched posture, looks like a modernized version of his original design, would be a gigantic bipedal ogrish toad like amphibious monster with razor sharp teeth and tusks, would still have horns on his head but he would also have horns on his back, shoulders, knees, elbows, and heels.
    • toonking1985 His tail is stubby (just like frogs growing into adulthood have), he has no hair (though one of my friends think he should have tendrils that resemble his hair from the original design) and no visible ears.

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  • toonking1985 Now for the title character Minya, I imagine him to be more based on Junior from the Heisei films and just like previous incarnations of Godzilla’s son he is not Godzilla’s biological son but becomes his adopted son. His name in the MonsterVerse is Japanese for “Mini God” and one of the kids named him after a dog she once had (which is a reference to how fictional characters are named after their creator’s pet). His behavior would be influenced by the behavior of infant animals like lion cubs, tiger cubs, bear cubs, elephant calves, baby gorillas, baby crocodilians, wolf pups, etc. In this movie Minya would be 2 meters tall but I imagine that in later MonsterVerse installments he would grow bigger in each one just like with Junior in the Heisei movies. We also imagine Minya to be green (a reference to the misconception that Godzilla is green) with a goldish colored underbelly. He has the intelligence of an orca even though he is still a baby and despite his size he is still a powerhouse like an adult Godzilla. He is strong enough to win a tug-o-war with the strongest man on earth and win a fight with a full grown male Kodiak Bear or a pack of spotted hyenas. I like to think that baby Godzillas like Minya would be more fast and agile (like a raptor or a cheetah) than adult Godzillas. He would have dorsal plates like Junior in Godzilla vs. Destoroyah and I imagine that, just like how no two zebras have the same stripe pattern, no two Godzillas have the same shaped dorsal plates. Minya’s design is meant to look like a younger version of the MonsterVerse Godzilla but his design also takes cues from Junior’s design from Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II, baby crocodilians, and baby t-rexes. His tail is also prehensile so he could use it like an extra hand. We would do Minya’s roars similar, if not identical, to the roars of the MonsterVerse Godzilla but make them sound like they are coming from a smaller and younger creature and heck we might even throw in Minya’s roars and Junior’s roars from the Toho films. During the whole film Minya can only blow smoke rings but during the climax of the movie he would be able to fire a proper atomic breath. During the climactic battle between Godzilla and Gabara when Gabara manages to topple Godzilla over and tries to electrocute him to death, Minya intervenes by firing a proper atomic breath at Gabara’s eye which makes him more frantic to attack and kill Minya. When Minya saves the kids from getting killed by Gabara, he ends up getting seemingly killed (but later turns out to still be alive after Godzilla killed Gabara) and Minya receives an injury that would disable his ability to use a full-fledged atomic breath unless he uses up most of his energy. If you know what’s good you would know that threatening, harming, or mistreating Minya’s friends in front of him is not a wise idea as any bad guys or bullies would learn that the hard way. The film also acknowledges that Minya is destined to become the future king of the monsters when Godzilla is gone. We would use a mix of visual effects (like CGI and Mo-cap) and practical effects (like men in suits, animatronics, and puppets) to bring Minya to life and plus we think of having Jim Henson’s Creature Shop (the special effects studio behind the effects of The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, the first two 90’s TMNT movies, Jim Henson’s Dinosaurs, the live-action Flintstones movies, Babe, the gorillas from the first George of the Jungle movie, and Where the Wild Things Are) do the practical effects for the movie.
  • toonking1985 And about David Tennant’s character Dr. Charles Newton, he is a paranoid former Monarch scientist who now works as a school teacher. He was created because we think that we need an adult character who the kids can trust with their secret (kinda just like the Bigfoot expert guy from Harry and the Hendersons, Dean from Iron Giant, and the old man from Monster House). He guides the kids and helps them with Minya because kids are kids. He didn’t quit Monarch he was fired because he was accused of something he didn’t do. As for his fashion and looks we imagine that he would have a type of incognito type look to him like having a full beard, wearing stuff like a leather jacket and jeans mainly to hide from Monarch just being fearful of them because Monarch doesn't want anyone to leak anything so they would obviously keep eyes on former employees so that would explain Newton's fear of them. Hence why he would drastically change his looks to avoid detection. When the kids introduced Minya to him he got shocked and slightly annoyed at the fact he left the life of hunting monsters and stuff behind. He is Scottish (just like his actor David Tennant) and is named after Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton. I also imagine that during the scene where the kids and Newton go to save Minya, who got captured by the two mercenaries, Tennant’s character would fight a giant mercenary henchman (played by either Joonas Suotamo or Big Show) and I think I would compare this fight scene with the scene from Jingle All the Way where Schwarzenegger fights the giant Santa guy and the scene from The Mask of Zorro where Zorro fights that giant soldier.
  • toonking1985 As for Godzilla we imagine his role to be similar to his role in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II where he heard Minya’s calls, goes out searching for him, and in the end Minya would go with him. He would travel through the ocean to get to Portland, we imagine the scene where Monarch notices Godzilla is acting weird (cause this is when Minya is calling out to any members of his kind out there) to be similar to the intimidation display scene from King of the Monsters. We imagine that he would be now residing at another ancient temple in the hollow earth which the passageway to it is located in Japan Trench.
  • toonking1985 Now for the human antagonists of the movie, they are a pair of mercenaries who deal in Titan black marketing and we imagine them to be played by Michael B. Jordan and Margot Robbie. They are the ones who found Minya’s egg on the ocean floor but they end up losing it during a storm which led to Minya getting washed up on a beach and being found by the kids. They have mercenaries and a pack of eight spotted hyenas (which they use as hunting dogs) for henchmen. These two mercenaries are former members of Monarch, with Jordan’s character being from G-Team or some other military branch and with Robbie’s character being something like a scientist/agent kind of person. Their motivations are revenge because they are the great-grandchildren of Bill Randa (John Goodman’s character) from Kong: Skull Island and the reason why they left Monarch is because they were disappointed at how Monarch treats their members as expendable, even Randa, and because they feel that Monarch is responsible for Randa’s death so they want to destroy Monarch in some way. You could compare the two to McLeach the Poacher from Rescuers Down Under and Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians. We imagine that they would be killed by Godzilla who stomps on them.
  • toonking1985 Now we imagine that there would also be a side-plot to this movie that involves Monarch following after and trying to figure out what Godzilla is looking for? Why has Gabara awakened? What is making this strange signal? As for the members of Monarch we imagine that some old and new members would be featured in this movie like Mark Russell, Rick Stanton, Ilene Chen, and Jackson Barnes would return in this movie. Two new members, like Dr. Helena Curtis (played by Amy Adams) who is a light-hearted and geeky Monarch biologist but she isn’t new per say she was just busy during the events of King of the Monsters (she is created by one of my friends because he thinks that the staff of Monarch are a tad bit serious that we need someone like her to lighten the tension and mood) and there's a new G-Team soldier named Rey played by Cristina Vee (who you may know her as the voice of Raye/Sailor Mars in the new English dub of Sailor Moon and Marinette/Ladybug from Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir). Now Mark in this movie would still be trying to come to terms with his ex-wife’s loss. The Monarch characters will meet the kids and Tennant’s character half-way or near the climax of this movie.
  • toonking1985 Now the reason we chose Portland is because I wanted the movie to take place in a town or city that’s surrounded by forests where the kids and Minya could hang out or something like that.

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