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8 comments on SKET Dance

  • johndavis Okay, whoever downvoted my suggestions for Bossun and Himeko, i ask you something. Do you even know this anime ?? Do you even know the characters ?? And lastly, do you really know the acting skills of the actors and actresses that i casted for Bossun and Himeko ??
    • johndavis If not, then stop acting like your knowledge about this series is more superior than mine. I only acknowledge this series because of the crossover with Gintama, so technically my knowldege about this series is not that far. but i often think who's perfect to play these characters unlike you who think that the actors and actresses that i pick for Bossun and Himeko had zero acting skills
    • johndavis So what gives ? Mr-know-it-all !! Whaddya gonna do to me and my suggestions next ?!!
    • oddjobs_yorozuya It's unlikely if he/she cares. He/she doesn't even know what J-Drama is. got a feeling that this guy just hates japanese actors/actresses. What a dumb excuse lmfao

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