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  • danibanani78 Ending: After the deaths of Morgan, Ethan, and Karen, Samuel holds a séance in the basement to find out who is haunting them. Unbeknownst to him, Hannah and Sarah are hiding and observing. Samuel succesfully contacts a spirit, who calls herself The Owner. She was the first person to own the house, and was driven to insanity be her kids. She killed her entire family and herself and now plagues any family who dares to live on her land. Samuel tries to convince her to stop, and he almost succeedes. But Sarah's phone goes off and startles her, causing the ghost to launch a planchette at Sarah's head, killing her. Enraged, Hannah attempts to attack the spirit, and the screen goes black. When the film continues, it's been five minutes. A blood-covered and shook Hannah is loaded into an ambulance as we're told that Samuel is dead. As Laura wails in agony, a slight smile grows on Hannah's face, and as the ambulance drives away, if you look closely, you can see that her reflection is that of The Owner instead of Hannah.

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  • sonictiger HECK YEAH

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