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2 comments on Secrets of Yoshi-tsune (OVA)

  • theonewithda_gun Running out of ideas again, so i had no choice but to milk tf out of the myCast: Bakumatsu franchise. Soo, this OVA is set in the same universe as the myCast: Bakumatsu and myCast: Edo AU, but it's set during late Heian to early Kamakura period. Also, i use the names of the actual historical figures here for the character roles. The main character in this story, Minamoto no Yoshi-tsune, is a half vampire hybrid and was the very first to exist in the franchise canonically. There's two characters in Bakumatsu who were vampire hybrids as well, but Yoshi-tsune is technically the very first to exist. And for why i use the actual names of the historical figures, well, cuz i ran out of ideas and this is just a mere spinoff so.
    • theonewithda_gun For this OVA, it's mainly inspired by several pop culture medias that tells about Yoshi-tsune's stories, such as: Gackt's Moon Saga stage play and the anime/manga Kurozuka.

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