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2 comments on Santiago of the Seas X Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger

  • tzekuanng @kutingkutingultim8 Dude! Can you give me the sypnosis for me?

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    • kutingkutingultim8 @tzekuanng | One month ago, a strange phenomenon suddenly fused the human world with the parallel world of Kikaitopia, who had previously conquered and sealed off various universes, including those of the previous 48 Super Sentai. Despite this, humans and Kikainoids quickly get along and live peacefully together. In the present, however, their lives are threatened by Kikaitopia's evil rulers, the Esclara la Pirata and the seven evil pirates and Tozitend Dynasty, who seek to conquer all parallel worlds. To face this new threat, a brave and energetic young man named Kaito Goshikida inherits the powers of all previous Super Sentai. Transforming into Zenkaizer, he joins forces with Santiago Montes and his crew, and the Kikainoids Juran, Gaon, Magine, and Vroon to save the multiverse from Tozitend and find Kaito's missing parents as the Zenkaigers. The conflict later intensifies with the arrival of the World Pirates. Led by Zocks Goldtsuiker, who can transform into Twokaizer, the World Pirates oppose Tozitend in pursuit of their own objectives and occasionally ally with Santiago and his crew and the Zenkaigers for the sake of it.

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