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6 comments on Sam Raimi's TOXIN movie

  • imangrycraftstation67 but it was just a fancast man!

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    • hexbolt0505 @imangrycraftstation67 I know, but imagine a symbiote cinematic universe! Venom and/or Agent Venom, Toxin, Carnage, and Hybrid getting solo films with appearances from Riot, Phage, Agony,Lasher, Scream, Mania, and more all leading up to Knull!

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  • hexbolt0505 I think a Toxin solo film should try to limit how many symbiotes are in it. And Knull should be built up to through the different symbiote-led films like Thanos in the MCU. Really, you don't need any other symbiotes besides ones used to set up future films.

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  • hexbolt0505 I think the villain should be either Cardiac, Crime Master, Massacre, Rose, Sin-Eater, or someone else that isn't as well known and isn't a symbiote.

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  • hexbolt0505 Using Cardiac could also set up a new version of Wild Pack with Silver Sable, Puma, Black Cat, Razorback, Cardiac, Rocket Racer, and Prowler and maybe Raptor and Scarlet Spider.

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  • imangrycraftstation67 karl urban as sin-eater and his line was "Hello knock off venom and carnage!"

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