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  • thecookieprincess The story is set in 33 AD, in Palestine. Lucius- a Roman soldier, during his time off duty decides to visit some parts of Jerusalem. During the walk, out of boredom, he decides to follow a passer-by who is apparently in a hurry. When he finally arrives at his destination, he sees the man join the other 11 men sitting on boulders. In the middle, on the largest boulder, however, sits someone else. And this man begins his sermon, speaking in a very calm and warm voice to his-as Lucius learns-apostles. The Roman begins to listen and and goes imperceptibly closer and closer. One of the apostles notices him and everyone, terrified at the sight of the soldier, rushes from their seats. But not the man sitting in the middle. He remains calm, slowly gets up from the big boulder and introduces himself as Jesus, then asks the Roman visitor to introduce himself. Having done so, Lucius shyly asks if he can join in, to which Jesus agrees. At first the apostles distrust him, fearing that he will denounce them. However, eventually, after getting to know him better, they begin to give him affection and trust. Lucius arrives at every meeting, knowing that if discovered by the other soldiers, he could risk death. During these meetings, he prays and learns about God, secretly abandons paganism, and becomes a friend of Jesus and the apostles. In his life, much changes when one of the apostles-Judas-gives up Jesus. At first Lucius wants to stand up for him, but is ultimately paralysed by the fear of losing his life. That night, however, he visits his teacher in prison, whereby he promises to bribe the rest of the guards and help him escape, but the latter, to his surprise, refuses, speaking of destiny. Lucius, however, promises to accompany him during his sentence.

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