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  • t_man900 Freddy=Jason where are you?! Jason runs at Freddy and Freddy falls on the ground Freddy=Hi Jason Freddy stabs Jason in the chest and thew Jason off Freddy=Is that all you got Jason Jason runs towards Freddy and crashes Freddy through the cabins Freddy=Jason stop Jason punches Freddy again and again then Freddy cut Jason mask and Freddy slowly gets up Freddy=Is that all you got Jason=cha, cha, cha Freddy and Jason run towards each other and attack each other. Freddy stabs Jason then Jason throws Freddy into a tree hard Freddy=That hurts Crash Freddy looks and sees a tree is on him Jason walks to Freddy and is about to kill him, but a gas comes, and Freddy and Jason are Knocked out Man=Freddy and Jason are knocked out sir Another area News woman=Michel Myers has broken out of prison Michel Myers returns to his new house and sees 2 dead bodies and then sees a man Ghost face=You’re Michel Myers right Michel stares at him Ghost face=Wait you don’t talk well that means it is going to be less fun to kill you, but I can say I’m the man who killed Michel Myers Michel and Ghost face both get out their knives and start attacking each other Michel can’t stab ghost face and ghost face can’t stab Michel Ghost face=Your good but I’m better Michel and Ghost keep fighting Ghost face=As a cereal Killer always be ready for the surprise attack Ghost face secretly stabs Michael Ghost face=Ha Ghost face is about to kill Michel but then a gas appears, and Michel and Ghost face are knocked out Man=Michel and Ghost face are knocked out sir Another Area Chucky=What happened Tiffany=Chucky? Chucky=Tiffany? Annibelle looks around Tiffany and Chucky=who are you Jigsaw=Do you want to play a game? Tiffany and Chucky=What? Tiffany=I don’t what happening, but I want to kill that doll over there Chucky=I know what you mean Tiffany and Chuck walks towards but then Jigsaw is threw out of a room and then a gas appears and all four of them get knocked out Man=All 4 of the dolls are captured sir Another area A portal opens and a man walks out Pin head=Where am I? Penny-wise=Hello their Pin head=Where am I Penny-wise=You're in Maine, where are you from Pin head=Another realm Penny-wise=time to die Pin head=No Penny-wise=What? Pinhead teleports and punch Penny-wise Penny-wise=Time for you to float Penny-wise tied balloons round Pin head and then Pin head flew in the air Penny-wise=Bye Pin head=Hello Pin head then punch Penny-wise and was about to kill but then a gas appeared, and Penny-wise and Pin head was knocked Man=Pin head and Penny-wise are knocked out sir Another area A girl was running in the woods yelling Girl=Help me he is chasseing me! Hannibal=Girl are you in trouble Girl=Yes help me! Hannibal=Yes of course Hannibal takes the girl back to his house Girl=Thank you Hannibal=No problem Hannibal puts a bag over the girl's head and starts to cook and eat her limbs Hannibal=Yummy Hannibal door breaks and Leatherface appears and groans and starts running at Hannibal Hannibal=Oh? Hannibal ducks and punch Leatherface in the back and then takes the chainsaw out of leather face hands Leather face=groans Then Leatherface hit Hannibal into the ground and Leatherface get his chain saw and Leatherface about to kill Hannibal but then a gas appears and Leatherface and Hannibal get knocked out Man=Hannibal and Leatherface are knocked out Another area Subzero walks to a castle in Transylvania Dracula=Who walks to my castle Subzero=I am subzero Dracula=Leave and never return Subzero=No Dracula=Then you shall die Dracula and subzero start fighting Dracula=You are strong Subzero=You are strong as well Subzero made an ice sword and stabbed Dracula Subzero=Maybe I was wrong you are weak Dracula then tackled subzero and much subzero over and over again Dracula=Who is weak now ice boy Subzero then blast ice at Dracula and Dracula blast off Subzero Dracula gets his sword Subzero=Cool sword Subzero makes an ice sword Subzero=Check out mine Dracula and Subzero run at each other with their swords and they both scream Dracula and Subzero=HAAHAAHAAHAA Subzero and Dracula swords clash and they were fighting then a gas appeared and Dracula and Subzero get knocked out Man=Dracula and Subzero are knocker out sir Another area Girl=Candyman, Candyman, Candyman Candyman appears and kill the girl Another girl in the house plays a tape and then watches it Then Sadako Yamamura appears and kill that girl Candyman=Who are you Sadako Yamamura just started attacking Candyman Candyman then shoots bees at Sadako Yamamura and she hides and attacks behind Candyman and they start fighting again then Candyman starch her arm and then a gas appeared and Sadako Yamamura and Candyman get knocked unconscious Man=Sadako Yamamura and Candyman are unconscious sir Another Area Dark man walks through a forest and then get attacked by the creeper Creeper=Hello Creeper is about to take off dark man arm but then dark flips away and punch creeper Dark man =Have to try harder than that Then dark man kicks creeper on the floor and is about to finish him but then a gas appeared, and dark man and creeper get knocked out Man=dark man and creeper get knocked out and they were the last two sir Ash Williams=Hey Frank tell Fury I said hi Punisher=Okay Fury we are heading back to base and Ash says hi Ash Williams=So what did he say Punisher=Nothing Another area Punisher and Ash Williams pull the mask off of everyone who they captured Everybody who can talk=What is happening? Jason=cha, cha, cha Nick Fury=I have a plan to make a team called the revengers Freddy=What? Then Jason breaks out of his cuffs and then goes to attack Nick fury, but Jason can’t punch him Nick Fury=I put a bomb is all of your necks and if I want to, I can blow your head up and it make you not able to hit me Nick fury then gives a tour of the base and then shows them a room and it has three people in it Wee woo wee woo umbrella corporation goons break into the shield base and they start taking shield agents Nick fury= go fight umbrella corporation goons Freddy=Why Nick fury= I will blow all your heads up Freddy=Fine The team goes and fight the umbrella corporation goons Freddy=Attack Nick fury goes into the room with the three people in it and they the three people in the room are the T-800, the predator, and the xenomorph Nick fury wakes them up Nick fury=go fight or I blow your heads up Freddy, Jason, Michel, Ghost face, Tiffany, Chucky, Annabella, jigsaw, Pin head, penny wise, Hannibal, leather face, Subzero, Dracula, Sadako Yamamura, Candyman, dark man, creeper, Punisher, Ash Williams, T-800, the predator, and the xenomorph fight the umbrella corporation goons They kill the goons and celebrate Freddy=what now Nick fury=We make team for a little bit called the revengers Ghost face=who are in charge of those goons? Nick fury=Those goons are part of the umbrella corporation Candyman=sound stupid dark man=who is their boss Nick fury= Albert Wesker T-800=What does he want Nick fury=He wants the Necronomicon Ghost face=what does it do Nick fury= The Necronomicon has displayed the ability to rewrite history to a certain extent. this spell was only able to work when the blood of the Chosen One was used to create the page Dark man=Who is the chosen one Ash Williams=I am Freddy=I know Jason= cha, cha, cha Post credit scene albert wesker= Alice do you have the Necronomicon Alice=yes albert wesker=good albert wesker then smiles

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  • loading "My Beloved Jesus" skskskskksksskkskksksksskskksksksksksk, bro, this movie is going to be blood that doesn't end a real slaughter, only John Constantine to stop these demons.

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