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5 comments on Prisoners (2003)

  • oscarpacino Isn't Al Pacino many decades old to play Det. Loki in this time?
    • hasanhadzic @oscarpacino Yes, but none of the character's scenes/actions really have anything to do with his age. Pacino was just too perfect of a choice for me to ignore. Just think of him in Heat or Insomnia.
    • oscarpacino @hasanhadzic Why not Dustin Hoffman? He's also just as good. Plus, I think it's really innacurate casting imo
    • hasanhadzic @oscarpacino Go watch the car argument scene on YouTube and tell me if you think Dustin Hoffman would be a better choice than Al Pacino. Even though Pacino is tougher than Gyllenhaal, I think he has the perfect edge and intensity for the role.

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