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5 comments on Pokémon (All 8 generations)

  • pokemonmaster I got all the characters. Feel free to share your suggestions. I have my opinions, and I can accept yours.

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  • pokemonmaster I was also thinking of adding in Pokémon spin-off series to give them voices, and other of my favorite franchises.
  • pokemonmaster I forgot, no anime characters like Ash Ketchum, Gary Oak, etc. They won't count. If you put them in, I'll delete them.
  • pokemonmaster And no celebrity actors, or anything outside of anime. Video game voices are okay.
  • serenadewraith This is by far the worst Pokemon fancast that I have yet seen. There are female actors cast in the roles of strictly male characters and vice versa. Can this please be rectified asap? My suggestion is to choose actors that look as close to the anime characters as possible. Cheers.

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