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14 comments on Peter Pan & Wendy

  • user_14144 Everyone else hates this cast, but I really like it! Yara's gonna make a great tinker bell and Ever and Alexander are new faces in hollywood, which is really cool

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    • steelsheik @venus_manson I just get frustrated that people are that opposed to Tinker Bell being black. I love casting spot-on actors, too; but until we start seeing more main characters with more racial diversity, anyone should be fair game. We can't change the time period that the cartoon came from, but we can certainly change it now. I can't wait for characters to be so commonly diverse that there won't be an issue like this in the future, and you can cast as close as possible without it being having to be seen as regressive or progressive.

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    • s105042 @steelsheik I Wasen't Talking About That, I was Talking about They Could of Done a Different Story like Maleficent

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    • s105042 @venus_manson I have made my story which is Disney's Tinkerbell if there wanting to do Something Different :)
  • steelsheik @s105042 - I was agreeing with @venus_manson and not saying I disagreed with you. Otherwise I would have tagged you.

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  • user_62238 To be completely honest, i love the idea of a black tinker bell especially Yara Shahidi. But i also think i would of liked to see some of the the lsot boys, have darker skin instead of having a black tinker bell. Just my opinion

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  • steelsheik Although I really loved that movie, and its sequel; I'm actually glad it isn't a spin-off like Maleficent.
  • iamanerd Its weird that they're not connecting this movie with the Reese Witherspoon TinkerBell film.
  • alexandracroks77 Yo también eliminar es elenco cambia
  • nakaibeasley I agree with steel_shiek, as a black person, it is nice to see more people of color in movies.

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