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8 comments on Persona 3 (Japanese Live Action Adaptation)

  • johndavis_1994 Okay, whoever downvotes my recent suggestion for Aigis, i ask you one question, Why ? And do you even know what Persona is ?

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  • phillippsareas Shoji Meguro Wins! for persona 3 at least :)

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  • johndavis_1994 Persona 3 is one of my favourite JRPG video game, and i see that some fancast had whitewashed all the character. If i were to do fancasting for P3, i would use J-drama and J-movie actors instead
    • johndavis_1994 But the actors/actresses must be perfect, look the part and has some experience form the previous drama/movie they starred in
  • didiarnady bad

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