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Fan Casting Athena

Role added by itsalmostmidnight on December 2, 2021

Description of Athena:

Athena is the goddess of wisdom and strategy. She ‘s the mother of Annabeth & the daughter of Zeus. She distrusts Percy being a son of her uncle Poseidon due to there less than ideal history. She firs appears in Annabeth’s head being hypnotized by the sirens. In The Titan’s Cuse we see her twice, once in The Hoover Dam when she assists Percy in escaping the skeleton warriors, and the next time is on Olympus when she tells Percy she hates him for liking Annabeth and being born of the big three. In The Last Olympian she calls on the gods to help fight Kronos much to there annoyance.



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2 comments on Athena

  • chaotic__bean I love how movie Annabeth is the top vote

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  • r1zzvi honestly,i feel like angelina jolie would make a great athena bcz of her dark feminine energy she js reminds me of athena for sm rsn

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