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  • iamthecaster During the events of the White Martian Invasion, Dick Grayson a.k.a. Nightwing goes back to Bloodhaven to cut ties with his former spy agency S.P.Y.R.A.L. When the head of S.P.Y.R.A.L. Mister Minos reviews his contract states he has one more mission left on his contract and, if he refuses to do the mission agency will hunt him down for the rest of until he’s dead. He accepts the mission to save him the trouble. The mission is for him to take down a small drug smuggling job at a shipping doc in New Jersey. Thinking the job will be quick and easy he accepts it to later find out that the small drug smuggling job turns out to be run by the League of Assassins and he barely makes it out with his life. He confronts Minos about it but, Minos claims he didn’t know. He declares the mission done but, when he goes to a motel to rest he is sabotaged by agents. He decides to take the mission back up but, is joined by Helena Bertinelli (his former partner) and a couple of other agents. They head to South Asia where the the League of Assassins are rumored to be based. They decide to meet an informant when there sabotaged by Scarecrow a.k.a. Dr. Johnathan Crane. Dick and Helena manage to fight off Scarecrow and the assassins and learn the drug there smuggling is South Asian Hellflowers which is used to make fear toxin and there planning to bomb Gotham with fear toxin. Before, getting more info out of Scarecrow, Dick and Helena face off with Black Spider and Scarecrow manages to get away. Together Dick and Helena defeat The Black Spider. Dick smartly put a tracking device on Scarecrow and figure out where there producing the fear toxin. Dick and Helena break in to their base and make quick work of all the assassins before there faced with Deathstroke. Dick and Helena lose easily to Deathstroke and Helena is knocked out of the fight and Dick is severely injured. Deathstroke enters a jet with crates of the fear toxin and Dick manages to get on the jet. Dick and Deathstroke face off where Dick is on the brink of defeat. Dick suddenly comes up with an idea to win. Dick calls Barbara to tap into the Wayne Satellite to send a missile toward the jet. It’s successful and the jet is going down and before it crashes in the ocean Dick grabs a parachute and exits the jet floating over the ocean completing his mission and finally free of the S.P.Y.R.A.L. (Post Credit Scene) - Deathstroke is alive and tells Ra’s Al Ghul the mission failed where he dismisses it as we see he is training a certain somebody.

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