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5 comments on Nevermind: The Kurt Cobain Story

  • youtubegamer Can anyone here suggest actors/actresses/roles for my stories?, I should be turning them into a reality one day, so I need help with the cast

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  • nirvana123 i dont like the casting of kurt and where is dave grohl, its a great idea but could be better
    • voodoo222 @nirvana123 yeah, i was gonna recast kurt anyway, i've realized it's kind of bad. was thinking evan peters, but probably not.
    • nirvana123 @voodoo222 now i see you've added dave. please check out my first story if you like nirvana
    • nirvana123 @voodoo222 also i love the joe Anderson idea, but I don't think Evan peters could do it, also Robert pattinson is a good choice but the one bad thing about joe Anderson is hes like 40 but still he looks like him

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