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  • batsonjacksont C A N O N

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  • younglord824 Feel free to add any other users if i missed

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  • younglord824 SPOILER ALERT: johndavis will sacrifice himself during a final clash with briana salentine. The fight will be similar to BvS, with johndavis, oddjobs and me vs briana salentine. In the end, johndavis sacrifices himself like how Superman did during the fight with Doomsday in BvS. But don't worry, he's gonna come back again in the real final installment of the aviagarwal arc

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  • younglord824 Ending and Post Credits: in the climax, we see oddjobs charging at the abominable troll and the screen cuts to black as the credits roll. They actually fight off-screen, but the screen cuts to black so we couldn't see who's the winner. But SPOILER ALERT! In the post credits scene, it is revealed that oddjobs lose the fight and his signature wooden sword got broken during the fight, so he lose hope on ending this never-ending war. But, batsonjacksont gave oddjobs a new wooden sword called "The Star Smasher". A much stronger version of oddjobs' wooden sword, which was said to be made from something that gave aviagarwal a god-like immortality. Oddjobs then smiles at the camera and the screen goes to black.

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