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  • otsutsuki The film begins with Doctor Morbius going to a beach when a winged being called Adrian Toomes confronts him saying he doesn't know how he got there in this "Universe", Michael is intrigued but hears Martine's heartbeat and leaves. , we now accompany Simon Stroud in his house when we see his arm and we see a flashback of him on a mission when his phone rings and agent Rodriguez calling him to the hospital because Doctor Martine is alive, they try to interrogate her but to no avail, meanwhile we see Michael at an abandoned subway station, when Toomes shows up with blood bags and reveals that he found Michael because of a tracker, he says he needs Michael's help on a "project" to go after money hidden in a crypt in the Cemetery. , but finds a body in the coffin in place of the money, the corpse wakes up after smelling blood and disappears into the night, the two are pursued by Stroud, Vulture ends up killing some police officers and manages to kill him. urge along with Michael, in his hiding place Michael goes to Martine now in her apartment they kiss and talk about recent events, she says she doesn't trust Toomes, then we see a group of nuns from a convent being watched and being brutally murdered one by one one, when it comes out in the newspaper and on television that Several people start disappearing and the police blame Doctor Morbius, when witnesses say that a giant bat was the one that would be taking the victims and taking all their blood, Michael begins to suspect the corpse who disappeared from the cemetery, the following night Vlad Țepeș a newly arrived European anthropologist whom he had met at a society party and who had shown an interest in Martine, he becomes the prime suspect, he kills the party officials, Toomes sees one of the deaths and begins to show interest in the being, Stroud and Rodriguez receive a message from Morbius and leave to investigate and look for traces of this Vlad Țepeș, they discover rem that there are no records, Vlad goes to kill a family but Michael shows up and confronts Vlad but he takes a beating and is on the verge of death, Vlad convinces Toomes to join him promising to deliver what he most desires, Martine saves morbius and gives him delivers blood bags when captured by Toomes, Dracula tries to sacrifice Martine's soul to revive Elisabetta. Upon learning that Martine has been kidnapped, Morbius rushes to Dracula's lair defeating all the "Lost" who attack him in the catacombs below the Cemetery, Toomes tries to stop Michael but he gets help from Simon who manages to defeat Toomes by exploding his wings, Morbius interrupting. the reanimation ritual, Dracula and Morbius begin to fight, Toomes hits Morbius in the back but is killed by Dracula who was thirsty for blood, he goes for Stroud and Martine but Morbius stops him and they start to fight a battle, in the end Morbius grabs Dracula and takes him into the sun defeating his enemy, Stroud lets Morbius and Martine get away. Post Credits Scene: We see Morbius in an auditorium and being tried for the murders of this and the first film, when his lawyer Anne Weying.

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  • jamesenglebert You could introduce Ulysses and Elsa bloodstone

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    • otsutsuki @jamesenglebert It would be okay, but as far as I know their rights are with Kevin Feige in the MCU, then I wouldn't be able to put them here

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    • s105042 @otsutsuki The Film was good not Great just Good but I hope there's a Director's Cut of It more scenes and a different after credit cause the one we got Theatrically is too weak
  • johnmckinney1 I like everyone else except for Wokey Goldberg.

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  • mrlee over all, looks good but the only thing I really don't like is Michael Keaton's vulture dying. I really hate that part. but it overall looks good.

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  • dinothor21 not bad
  • s105042 The Film was good not Great just Good but I hope there's a Director's Cut of It more scenes and a different after credit cause the one we got Theatrically is too weak
  • slugmuch_production great reference to Rambo !
  • randomfox02 adding more Spidey characters to this
  • badrobot Nice!
  • merlino Not bad

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