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Fan Casting Roles for The Batman 2



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8 comments on The Batman 2

  • user_28940 The most stupid Fancast I’ve ever seen in my entire life.. holy sh*t

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  • yolandabarbosa this cronologicaly BAD it has to occur after the Batman (2022)
  • nerdperson Really like a lot of the casting but DAMN people really wanna jump straight to current comic age characters. Literally makes NO sense that any Robin would be the literal same age as Robert like what did they grow up together but forgot to mention that in the first one? Any if they have Robin will be like teen or early twenties not literally 30. I think you've added so many characters which is awesome and I would agree with a number of the castings. While I love Batman's rogue gallery I think they'll stick with more of the real world and less super powered villians RIP dream of seeing a Clayface in DCEU anytime soon.. but like how this is looking.
  • pattanabarber Sadie Sink would be a good Batgirl

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