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4 comments on Li-Fen the Gaisoulg and the attack of the UTTPs

  • tzekuanng @kutingkutingultim8 Dude! Can you give me the sypnosis for me?

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    • kutingkutingultim8 @tzekuanng | Li-Fen uploaded a very interesting video of training her pet Haast’s eagle, she takes an short-hour break by taking a bath. After she took a bath when went back on the computer, she saw the YouTube comments section attack by the UTTP (an acronym of UTubeTrollPolice), a dangerous group that focuses on cyberbullying, outrage content, extremism, and hateful ideologies, that made Li-Fen shocked. She calls Chun-Li to look at the spammed comments by UTTP, Chun-Li gives her a device called Gaisoulken to fight against the UTTP as Gaisoulg.
  • tzekuanng @kutingkutingultim8 And also, stop asking me!!!!!

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