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Fan Casting Roles for Le Mans: On The Starting Grid



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5 comments on Le Mans: On The Starting Grid

  • thecookieprincess Very long and detailed but also interesting. I like your stories.

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  • jakubduda Ennio Stradivari built the best racing cars in the world. But then he pissed off the bad guy, Stanley Hudson, the man who revived the Hudson Motor Car Company and decided to not only recapture the car market with it, but also follow up on the spectacular racing successes, so he decided to build a better car and with them Stradivari will be defeated at the site of his series of triumphs, at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. However, Jacob Robertson, head of the Caterham Cars Ltd team, who, with the support of the legendary driver Fernando Delgado, is putting together an elite team and aiming for victory, also enters the debate. Next, we move to a smaller race in the USA, where Michael Edwards will show his talent. At the same time, Stradivari quarreled with his designer, Cesare Morgan. Morgan discovered that the cars had a defect and that it would be better to use parts from a company other than Rinaldi Motors, Stradivari didn't like that and fired Morgan. Stradivari hired a mechanic who had worked on cars for him before Morgan, Paolo Ancelotti, a legend among mechanics, led Stradivari to many titles in the past. Wanting revenge, Morgan starts working on his own car. Hudson develops masterpieces, but always ends up failing the tests. By pure chance, Hudson's path crosses with Morgan, who wants to buy parts from them, Hudson is surprised that Stradivari would want to build a car with his parts, but Morgan explains to him that he is no longer with Stradvari S.p.A. and wants to beat him. They join forces and develop the car together. Meanwhile, Bugatti, Jaguar, Toyota, Ford, Porche, Ferrari and many others are preparing for the next edition of LeMans. Hudson, Morgan and Fabulous Hudson Racing team boss Theodor Vanderbilt field 2 teams of drivers. After tough trials, legendary racer Thomas Jetson, two top talents John Kowalski, Michael Edwards, F1 racer Jules LeClair and former NASCAR champion Jeff Petty nicknamed Gepetto and Rally Legend Hubert Russell are selected, trying to restart his career, but this time in road racing. Conflicts between riders Hudson Kowalski and Edwards follow. And even with Stradivari drivers. The race is approaching, so Edwards has to find a common ground with Kowalski. One day they stand up to Stradivari racing led by multiple champions Antonio Paganini and Sandro Morelli and a brawl ensues that begins the friendship between the Hudson riders. The dispute is being hyped and soon the whole world is going crazy. The race is interspersed with crashes, crashes and tough moments that bring the spectators to their knees, all dramatized at the end as drivers Kowalski, Paganini, Edwards and Morelli in that order make it to the end of the race. Kowalski is knocked out after a hard hit by Paganini and his car goes flying, Edwards watches the car crash and explode, sad music plays and he feels sad but also angry, he wants to quit and suddenly he hears Kowalski in the receiver and he is determined to win at all costs, after clashes with Morelli, Stradivari's driver is eliminated and then it's a head-to-head race with Paganini for everything, the two fighters enter the final corner side by side and Edwards crosses the finish line first and Hudson wins.

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