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  • jakubduda Esmeray, the former King of Malta, escaped from Wishwood Prison in Belfar, the former capital of the original kingdom of Votuxheim, with the help of fellow prisoner Bhaltair, who is a former counselor from Briborg. However, their escape through the whole of Votuxheim is very complicated and full of fights with the soldiers of Taruslia, to whom this territory belongs. The Archeor army is already prepared in the north of the Adelan Islands under the leadership of Lorcán. Another part of his army is in the northeast of Tanlivia under Lysander, son of Lorcán. Armies from the kingdoms of Archeor, Abreparis, and Sibeon have already moved to Tanlivia. Part of the Abreparis army is also ready to fight in the north of the Adelan Islands under the leadership of General Sirius. Anticipating this move, Lupus had already sent an army two weeks earlier into the territory of former Malta, which allowed him to invade Tanlivia not only from the north and east, but also from the south, where no army was ready, only a few Tanlivian men, and the Tanlivian army was grouped on north and also in several places in the east, one large unit then in the capital, i.e. in Côte de Perles. The Adelan Islands also faced an attack from the north, which was as expected. The battle in the Adelan Islands ended victoriously for the grouping of armies fighting against Taruslia, while in Tanlivia, Taruslia came to a victorious end. The Côte de Perles fell and with it almost all of Tanlivia, only the north of the kingdom managed to keep. Xanth fell with his country. Theorén, who is one of the best warriors, takes the throne in Tanlivia, in this country there is only one man who is a better warrior and that is Silas, he wants revenge for the lost war and to regain the territory of Tanlivia. After Silas failed to find understanding with Theorén when he proposed a swift and overwhelming attack on Taruslia, he decided to leave the country and go to Abreparis to join the army there in the fight to liberate Tanlivia. Silas is accepted into the Kingsguard. All the kings are in a meeting in Ecrium to discuss the outcome of the battle and next steps. Esmeray made it as far as Abreparis with Bhaltair and learned of her son's fate there. Esmeray wants revenge and since Torryn is a good friend of his, she decides to support him in his quest for revenge and sends him after Éinr and General Kiernan, who are the murderers of his son, and also provides him with his Kingsguard. Esmeray and the entire Kingsguard are on their way to Briborg. Elaxi and Rai married and since Rai is the King of Ecrium, Elaxi became the Queen of Ecrium. Zibeon builds an army of ships and sets out to sea towards Taruslia. Amaris and the Kingsguard make it to Briborg with Esmeray and fight their way to Kaastelrot, where Éinrí resides. Evette, who is said to see people's futures after touching their hands, predicted to Alora that she would have a son next year, and that Amaris Allerick already knew his name. Taruslia attacked Abreparis from the southeast from the territory of the former Maltasia. Many people died, but Abreparis held its territory. Meanwhile, Esmeray and the Kingsguard arrived at Éinrím and the battle began. Amaris Allerick was confronted by General Kiernan, Esmeray charged Éinrí and the rest of the Kingsguard battled Éinrí's soldiers. Amaris murdered Kiernan and Esmeray finally avenged the death of her son Tybalt. The fleet of Sibeon was supplemented by the fleet of Archeon. But all the ships were seen by Lupus' scout. Lupus sent his fleet to stop the army of ships approaching Taruslia and thus began the greatest naval battle in history. Together, Torryn and Rowan discuss the possibilities of cooperation between Iocristan and Abreparis. Rowan mentioned to him that he got a letter that a woman who was the love of his life and his ex-wife had died, but before she left him she was pregnant and had two children with him, she got pregnant a second time with him in an affair much later, he doesn't know their names or their location, so he can't contact his children. An Adelan woman finds a little boy scared to death. He is a descendant of the invaders from the north, i.e. from Briborg, who exterminate the people of the kingdom of the Adelan Islands. The woman takes the boy to her village, and the council of elders finally decide to accept the boy, whom they have come to call Raiden, among them. But Raiden ages faster and grows into a strong man within days. This is how the Adelanians find out who this boy really is, he is a descendant of a druid, first he ages faster and then when he reaches the age of 25 in four months, his aging stops and then he ages normally. The kings of the united empires found out about this boy, and the Adelan Islands began to take him as the one who would protect their empire from enemies. Kaius, who was working as an informant, was discovered and killed. Serephina and Alora decided to look around the city and find out. They met the girl Rhea here. Rhea is Alastair's sister. Alora, Serephina and Rhea became friends and Rhea was accepted into the Royal Order of Women. The fleets of Archeon and Sibeon won a crushing victory over Taruslia. The armies of Abreparis, Iocristan, and the Adelan Islands invaded the territory that was formerly Tanlivia and began to reclaim everything. The Abreparis army was led not only by the Kingsguard and Esmeray, but Torryn himself also took part in the fight as usual. The rest of Tanlivia also fought on their side . Lupus installs a new king in Briborg, but the people rebel and refuse to accept Aureus as their king. All of Tanlivia was recaptured and returned to the Tanlivian Kingdom, but the losses were heavy, Lysander, King Lorcan's son and general was killed, but more painfully, Torryn, King of Abreparis, also fell in battle. Torryn was loved by all, and so all the soldiers of all the kingdoms return, as victors, but also as vanquished. Choosing a new king is not on the agenda now, but it is an important and urgent step. Who will be king will be decided in a week and will be decided by a meeting made up of members of the Kingsguard and the female royal council. The king will rule, but Eveleen, wife of the late Torryn, will continue to rule by his side. Before making a decision, Amaris took Alora away on a trip where he wants to tell her that he loves her. They talk and she tells him what Evette predicted and asked him what her son's name would be. Amaris told her that he wished to name his son Amias. Amaris said that if he wanted to name his son that, he wouldn't mind. They went for a walk together in the forest and came to a place where only acacias grew and they lined a small path. Amaris went inside and continued down the road. Alora continued behind him. They came to the end, there were acacia trees growing in a circle and lavender growing between them, in the middle was a slab of marble and on it was written: The Valley of the Kings itself will choose its ruler and the ruler of the world. When Amaris read the inscription, the spirit of Nénuphar suddenly appeared before him and told him that he was only a step away from becoming king, and that he could choose to rule the whole world with Alora, or without Alora, but with enormous wealth , guaranteeing endless happiness, power, life, wealth, women, fame, strength, health and soldiers. Amaris smiled and that ends the second series.

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