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  • otsutsuki The film begins with two young women walking down a dark street in Camelot while they are pursued by a group of drunks and would-be rapists, King Arthur narrates the story saying that in the two years since he took over the kingdom, crime has dropped because now, the bad guys have to fear as the King has become a symbol of bringing fear to the bad guys, and when the rapists surround the girls they scream for help and just when we think the worst is going to happen, we hear someone's footsteps coming from the darkness and the theme on the loudest, when we see King Arthur with a deep look and a serene look, an expression of fear takes over the bad guys that attack him and he quickly defeats them all (the battle is kind of similar to Blaviken Market Fight Scene from The Witcher), he returns to the Castle where his mother confronts him about his "actions" and says that he and his father would be very proud of the King Arthur is becoming, she even tells him that "A wise king never seeks out war . But, he must always be ready for it", so we see for the first time Morgan Le Fay and her "lover" Accolon attacking and decimating the Kingdom of Camelerd, as a last step King Leodegrance sends his daughter to Camelot to ask for Arthur's help, she manages to escape but her father is captured by Morgan, Guinevere then leaves for Camelot upon arriving in Camelot she is attacked by two soldiers she manages to defeat one and Sir Bedireve appears and defeats the other, she explains the situation to Sir, who takes her to Igraine and Arthur, she explains the situation and ends up having a faint, Arthur goes to Merlin, she says she has heard her father comment on Morgan and says that the situation is the worst possible, in Camelerd Morgan and Accolon torture the King but he doesn't say where her daughter has gone, but Morgan enters her mind and finds she has left for Camelot. Guinevere wakes up and sees Queen Igraine they walk through the Kingdom and talk about the young girl's childhood and the challenges and pressure her people put on her, when Morgan s urges the Kingdom and attacks everything causing many deaths she is after Guinevere and says that Arthur has 7 days to deliver the girl otherwise she will release a great curse on Camelot, Igraine and Bedivere start preparing for the attack when Merlin discovers that Guinevere is the key to the resurrection of the mystical creature Afanc, A mystical creature she is variously described as a creature similar to a crocodile, beaver or even a dwarf, and is sometimes depicted as a demon with an insatiable hunger, at night Arthur sees Guinevere on top of the Castle watching the fireworks. of fireworks during a festival, there he gives her his cape so she doesn't get cold and they start talking about their life, they drink a beer while talking and joke that it might be the last time they see a beautiful landscape like this, in the The next day we see the armies of Camelot and Morgan alongside Accolon and his army of demons, and a great war begins Merlin begins to confront Morgan in an epic battle of magic while Arthur, Bedivere and Goosefat Bill begin to face Accolon who proves to be an excellent fighter, Morgan and Merlin's battle is on balance until she enters her mind and uses her father as a hallucination, she then goes after Guinevere she manages to defend herself well but is captured and Afanc is released and starts a destruction, Guinevere mentally connects with Merlin and manages to get her out of the hallucination, Bedivere and Goosefat Bill begin to fight against Accolon, and Arthur against Afanc the creature fights a great battle against Arthur who manages to defeat it by breaking it. in the middle, Bedivere and Goosefat Bill show themselves as an excellent duo and defeat, Accolon, Morgan defeats everyone and Merlin and Arthur still standing continue to fight, Morgan decides to attack Guinevere, when she is going to kill her, Leodegrance appears and sacrifices himself in her place, on his deathbed he says he's proud of the woman his daughter has become and that her mother would be very proud, Arthur takes advantage of Morgan let his guard down and spikes excalibur in his chest to her, she asks why he donate so much for humanity and he says that "Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind" she falls to the ground and when he is going to kill her, Accolon sticks his sword in her Arthur's belly, Merlin uses his magic and rips off Accolon's hand, Arthur then decapitates him, when Morgan disappears from Camelot, Merlin then heals Arthur, and teleports, we see Morgan in the forest bleeding and in agony, when we see Merlin behind her , Morgan just smiles, and we see a beautiful Tree being stained with blood, and we hear a drilling sound, 5 months pass and we see a Camelot rebuilt thanks to Merlin's magic, and Arthur and Guinevere talking and getting ready for a new festival, when they kiss and we see their silhouette kissing and the fireworks in the background, Bedivere and Goosefat Bill digging through old books when they read about the demon Belialuin and the Lady of the Lake, Bedivere says the greatest war in British history is on its way...

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  • devahutiraichaliha It'd be interesting to see Merlin as a female; and Helena Bonham Carter would also have been my first choice as Morgana!

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  • misterwolf @otsutsuki Generally Positive: my praise is aimed at it's action sequences, personality, and storyline. My criticism is aimed at its formulaic script and lack of drama compared to the first film. Other than that, it works.

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  • loading Interesting, I just wish the director was someone with a more open mind "in terms of breaking out of the cliché". So I would recommend putting Jon Watts to work in that kind of area, to give something more innovative about the character and the story itself.

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  • castingsinmyblood Once again, good work but I do feel Giacchino is the weak link in the chain here.
  • screenwritersjournal Cast looks good
  • artchie28 Again, your plot surprised me.
  • jfrankly Story is good. The only thing I might change is switching Guinevere and Merlin. I don't see Olsen in the role, but that's just my opinion. Good job over all though.
  • zimmons11 You have talent, your story is great.
  • samkresil @otsutsuki Yeah, I took a brief look at your King Arthur 2 story and though I didn't get a chance to look at the FULL story, I like how you added a few more new additions. But since I didn't get to read the entire script of the first film, I could maybe add a few more additions to your story since the cast looks minimal in comparasion.

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