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1 comment on Darkseid

  • theoriginalmartian Serkis is the best choice. Darkseid would be a motion capture role, similar to how Thanos was a motion capture role. As a live action actor, Serkis is a chameleon. That is even more applicable for his mo-cap work. He is, in my opinion and the opinions of many others, the best motion capture performer ever. Serkis is a crazy good actor, and we know he can bring a level of depth to the character that others would struggle with bringing (especially in a mo-cap performance). His voice isn't a problem either. Roles like Supreme Leader Snoke show that Serkis can conjure the deep and imposing voice necessary to bring Darkseid to life. Even if it's not quite low enough, they could have some fun with sound editing and lower it a bit.

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