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7 comments on Justice League Dark (2039)

  • charlesthefifth In 2039, most of these actors will be quite old. Older, I imagine, than you want them to be.

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    • the_dceu_project @batsonjacksont Calm down everyone, let's not get monstrous over fan casting. I didn't do them for today because this is an ongoing project I've been working on for years. It's supposed to be a "What If the DCEU was being run by competent people who actually got these characters and gave the fans what they want?" With that and the projects I have in mind, there's only so many movies I can do for the early years that make sense. Go back to my earlier stories and it is an ongoing timeline of such events. I know it may seem overly complicated for little reason but it's sort of just something one has to expect despite the very unrealistic conditions.

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    • the_dceu_project @charlesthefifth As I've said before, I'm aware that they would be too old, I can't predict who would be perfect for these roles later on, so I'm casting them as I would today even though they're not for today.

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    • batsonjacksont @charlesthefifth Jesus, just let him do what he wants, the year doesn't f**king matter

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