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Fan Casting Roles for Johnson Brothers 2



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6 comments on Johnson Brothers 2

  • jakubduda @oscarpacino @mlg9420nftz the second part is here, and guys sorry it took me so long ...
    • oscarpacino @jakubduda It's alright. Also, just saying. But you could just make John David the younger Denzel or even John Boyega

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    • oscarpacino @jakubduda Oh yeah. But if it were set somewhere in the 70s-80s if Denzel's character graduated college at the time, would JD Washington be considerable?

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    • jakubduda @oscarpacino thanks for the feedback ... I think Doc Shaw looks similar to Denzel Washington. I see similarity between Boyega and Weathers, and as for John David Washington, he's too old to play Denzel in the '60s, Denzel is very young for the role, so he'd be transformed into an older, about 80-year-old, to play its role in the scenes currently taking place

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  • jakubduda it was really hard to choose a cast of these characters who would play their younger selves, you brought some interesting options, but if I used a boyega as denzel washington, then i would have free weathers and doc shaw do not look like him, and i didn't find another one. SO THIS IS MY REASON, WHY I DIDN’T USED BOYEGA. But I also thought about It.

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