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  • jakubduda The film takes place in a completely unrealistic future, where the Allies lost the third world war and America was conquered, now it is an independent state, but it is called the American Communist Federation. ACF is in financial crisis, poverty, despair, and residents live in fear, tyranny and no freedom. The film follows the everyday life of several characters in the territory of that country. The main character is Thomas Brannigan, who is trying to support his mother and his children. After a while, the viewer learns that Brannigan is connected to a secret organization that is a remnant of the Central Intelligence Agency. Now the story moves to this headquarters, where we meet the architect of the entire promising plan and the head of the modern CIA, Gordon Jennings, as well as his deputy Jack Hollister and analyst Beatrice Mitchell. These people secretly gave Brannigan a briefcase with super spy equipment, a plan and information, but upon opening it he learns that he is not the only one, the same briefcase was given to 9 other people, his best friend Foster, a high-ranking official in Gúsev's government Sebastian Jameson, a bartender and a war veteran Harvester, Constable Graham, two members of the communist government's military group ACF, Hartman and Kipling. Formerly an elusive criminal who was always able to get anywhere he wanted and who is determined to die for his country even if he is not promised immunity and freedom Herb Doyle, Head of the Gunshop and ex-veteran Wells and the last is Nathaniel Hanson, a brilliant car mechanic and military designer. The unexpected revelation of the names of secret spies, who are also members of the highest ranks of the cream of the crop in the current American country, launched a rescue mission, which is the assassination of the head of the ACF, Boris Gúsev, installed by the Russian and American communists after the war. The mission started and the plan went great, the success is great, D-day is approaching, but after one firefight, the conspiracy is revealed and the separatists are being sought. In this action, Brannigan's best friend Gerald Foster was shot and his body was lost in the ocean. Meanwhile, a bond begins to form between Brannigan and Beatrice Mitchell. Word has come in for Phil Graham that his father is in the hospital with a bad condition, the team will send him home. The rest of the team continues and makes it to the finals. There is D-Day and a mission to end the suffering of the American people and establish world order, freedom and peace. Everything went according to plan, but in the finale, something goes wrong and the assassination fails. Gúsev survived and the hunt for patriots begins, as Arthur C. Jefferson wrote about it as the editor-in-chief of the Daily Herald. Jefferson is subsequently imprisoned for life, a different fate befell the announcer of the radio station 107.3 FM and the program Good Morning, Vietnam, which was named in honor of the legendary Adrian Cronauer. Broadcaster Jimmy Quinn was shot 30 times in the chest at the scene. The members of the secret team were on the run, but gradually they are all caught and interrogated, as well as the three heads of the new CIA who put the plan together, only Gordon Jennings is still on the run, hiding with his family in the former residence of the presidents, in the white house. Despite harsh interrogations and torture, no one was able to get the whereabouts of their boss. After the original American flag is set on fire, Former ACF General and member of the secret team Sebastian Jameson does not resist and rushes at the man who set the flag on fire and kills the man, but is suddenly shot by another interrogating officer. When he threatens to kill their families, David Harvester is forced to speak and says that Jennings is hiding in Ford's Theater, not knowing that Jennings has changed hiding places and is really now in the theater. Meanwhile, it's time to end it all and the members of the secret team are lined up and called to the wall to be executed one by one by firing squads. Jefferson also joins the ranks of readers. They stand in this order: Hollister, Wells, Mitchell, Harvester, Brannigan, Kipling, Doyle and Hanson. A squad of soldiers has arrived on the scene and Jennings is fighting for his life and that of his family. In the end, he is able to defeat them, thanks to an unexpected help, as Phil Graham shows up out of nowhere. We go back to the team, but before the execution begins, the entire ACF squad is taken aback when the team prays together and then begins to sing the American national anthem. Jennings is put against a wall, says a few last words while the team stands proudly singing, and is killed by a volley of shots. Wells goes after him and he also says goodbye to the world for the last time and then falls dead after several shots. In comes Mitchell, Brannigan's love, he tells her how much he loves her and the audience's chest tightens when a gunshot rings out, but then we see Brannigan jump and save himself for Beatrice, he's been hit twice, but not a single wound despite the bleeding deadly. The soldiers aim at them, but at that moment Hanson hugs himself and is killed. Soldiers take aim! But a volley of bullets rang out from somewhere else. Foster is alive and mowing down the ACF soldiers before freeing the other members and arming them. Together they go to visit Gúsev and finish this work. Foster updates everyone on Graham and the theater rescue. The team is reunited and after a demolition gunfight around and inside the ACF HQ, the mission is successfully completed.

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