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4 comments on Hurricanger, but it’s Min Min, Glamrock Chica, Gregory, Cammy, Juri and Kiryu

  • tzekuanng @kutingkutingultim8 Good Morning dude! Can you give me the sypnosis for me?
    • kutingkutingultim8 @tzekuanng | I’m here, bro!
    • kutingkutingultim8 @tzekuanng | Six pupils (Min Min, Gregory, Glamrock Chica, Cammy, Juri and Kazuma Kiryu) of the Kuching Ninja School, who are given a rigorous training regiment by their sensei Mugensai Hinata, are the only survivors when most of their peers are slaughtered during the graduation ceremony by a group of four music parodists (Lars von Retriever, There I Ruined It, Maestro Ziikos and Andy Rehfeldt) that they’re plotting to take over the social media and the world by making music parodies. The only hope was to stop the four evil music parodists and save the world and the internet as the Hurricangers and Gouraigers.

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