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Fan Casting Roles for Harry Potter (HBO Max Series)



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22 comments on Harry Potter (HBO Max Series)

  • smeehee9916 Just an FYI for people who only saw the movies: Lily and James were 21 when they died. Snape and the marauders were the same age, putting them in their 30s when the story takes place. Petunia was only a few years older than Lily, she would be in her mid/late 30s in Philosopher's Stone. We actually know Vernon's birthday (11/09/1954) making him 37 in Philosopher's Stone.

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  • faiton I think the Harry Potter series with Daniel, Emma, and Rupert as the main actors has been so successful that other versions will be hard to beat.

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    • johnsmith25 @faiton Nah, that's just your nostalgia talking. The films have many problems with fidelity to the books, including some of the trio's physical characteristics.

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  • stevensmeagol I hope HBO get wise and cancel this crap. I'd much prefer new stories being told in the existing Wizard World Cinematic Universe than some likely woke crappy remake. Like the original Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings trilogy the 8 Harry Potter films are perfect and shouldn't be remade. The only reason I can see it working is if they're extremely faithful to the books an set it between 1991 and 1998 which they likely won't do. However they could set it now to make a comment on todays generation when it comes to technology vs magic.

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    • lord_adrian_richter @stevensmeagol That's nostalgia. The movies weren't even close to perfect. There were so many changes. Characters either older or younger than they should be, important plot points cut entirely, characters mishandled in favor of others.
  • hoody2010 Sorry, I hate to put my own sorties on other peoples but I have been doing My Cast for awhile now to very little to non success and i would really appriciate you taking the time to check out my own Story and maybe even ad your own casting or character on to there - i would be very thank ful!
  • ttiny isn’t one of the main things the movie series got wrong was the lack of diversity? yet the top suggestions for these actors are mostly white…
    • titanusmosura @ttiny why they souldn't be white? The characters from the books are mostly white, with exceptions that were explicitly stated as non-white like Dean Thomas, Shacklebolt, Patil twins to name a few. What movies got wrong in this regard?

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  • titanusmosura Morven Christie is too beautiful to play Merope.
  • micahmadera Can you vote on an original story that i made I hope to make it into an actual movie someday.
  • maximsimmsa I like that one!

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