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  • peterjudge04 Lupin miraculously escapes from death and finds out that Margot betrayed Pfefferman and came back to be allied with him. Sophie (the girl) reveals him she's the great-great-granddaughter of Zelig Cohen, the Jewish scientist who was forced to build the rocketship for the Nazis. Lupin, Sophie and Margot embarks secretly on Pfefferman's stolen rocketship, while Goemon and Jigen tracks them from the Earth. Short before arriving to the Moon, Pfefferman's henchmen discover the aliens and try to kill them. Pfefferman takes Sophie as an hostage and Lupin, though reluctantly, does the same to Margot. Pfefferman, however, doesn't care about the woman, who kicks Lupin and comes back to the count, who slaps her. Sophie succeeds to free herself, but Pfefferman follows her and reveals that he would killer her because her ancestor led his ancestors die in space. However, the rocketship lands almost disastrously on the Moon and they find a peaceful community of German-speaking farmers who grew vegetables in a surrogate garden and do not know about either gold or Nazism. Pfefferman finds out they just left it in a hangar without knowing its value, gets crazy and , to "protect" the gold, wipes it out with dynamite. The whole lunar base starts to tremble, and Lupin, Sophie and Margot miraculously escape through the spaceship, guided from Earth by Jigen who hacked the program. Landing in South America, Sophie thanks Lupin for all of his help and asks him to just let her go home. Margot, however, hysterically complains about the loss of her gold, but seeing Lupin and Sophie reminds her of most important things in life: people who love you.

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