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Physical Appearance of Bonaparte
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9 comments on Bonaparte

  • nerdperson Does no one read the character description or what they’re looking for in the role?

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    • legionm @nerdperson How so? Some of these actors look young for their age, but they're all relatively in line, save for a few women. xD
    • nerdperson @legionm I mean that, but also how many white actors are suggested. But for some of the other roles the age range of the suggested actors is all over it what I was saying.
  • queenxeno It would help if the suggested physical characteristics were included with description at the top of the page. I have to scroll through everyone to get to the physical characteristics.

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    • legionm @queenxeno Are you still having that issue? They appear at the top for me. We can pass on your concerns to myCast, though!
    • queenxeno @legionm I am. The actual physical description appears after all the suggested folks, right before the comments. I am using an Android phone. I also just discovered I apparently suggested someone that I have no recollection of doing so. Is there a way to remove someone I supposedly suggested?
  • paulaodell I have been reading each description. I am more concerned over how the actors have been selected for us to vote on. Does anyone know?

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    • legionm @paulaodell The actors are all community-suggested, and anyone can vote yes or no on what's already been suggested. You can also suggest your own if you don't see your pick here!
  • user616 I need Regé Jean Page to play this character

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