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Fan Casting Roles for Star Wars Tales: Finn Series (2023)



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9 comments on Star Wars Tales: Finn Series (2023)

  • daydreamer If you don't want other people to add roles to a story you could just set the story on private. Or post this story on a site for fanfiction :)
    • enzomaroni @starwarsfanpt But Qui Gon...became a force ghost

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    • starwarsfanpt @daydreamer i dont want people to add stupid roles... like Qui Gon Jinn
    • daydreamer @miguelrodrigues I don't really understand why Qui-Gon would be stupid if Anakin, Obi-Wan and Mace aren't. And I don't see why you would block roles like Phasma (this could be a show to redeem her, like The Mandalorian did with Mando), DJ (a criminal) etc. And then again, why make it difficult for yourself to block certain roles instead of change the settings so that no one other than you can add roles?

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  • enzomaroni That is a REALLY Good Idea
  • enzomaroni Finn was a character with so much potential and so wasted, I think a TV series would be good for him

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