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Fan Casting Roles for Fantastic Four Animated



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9 comments on Fantastic Four Animated

  • castingsinmyblood Hello, true believers! This story was made for but one reason: I don't really like any of the animated series based on the Fantastic Four. They're etither too schmaltzy, too talky, the animation's too hinky, etc. This is my attempt to give the FF the Spectacular Spider-Man treatment (or the Phil Cho treatment, if you prefer) mixing the various parts of continuities I like together and adding my own personal twists and touches to create a truly gratifying series. With the help of some friends (@async & @jamesaidan to be precise) we bring the World's Greatest Family into a marvelous new new age for animation lovers of all ages. Move over Kevin Feige, we've got this covered.

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  • castingsinmyblood Tonally, I would say that this series would be a take cues from Scooby-Doo, Ghostbusters, Star Trek, David Croenenberg, Tim Burton (THIS ONE'S FOR YOU, JOSH!), Danny Phantom, The Secret Saturdays, the X-Files, & the Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius. Other than fighting villains, the FF would also be looking into strange phenomenon, stuff like alien abductions & cryptozoology, usually thinking their way out of problems then just smashing through it. In this regard, it makes The Thing's declaration that it's "clobberin' time" all the more meaningful. "the bad guy won't listen to reason? It's clobberin' time".

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  • christopher_watts31 Thank you
  • castingsinmyblood Just a reminder: try to make sure all actors suggested are primarily voice actors or TV actors. This is an animated TV series after all
  • castingsinmyblood Little heads up: if people are stuck on casting, just remember that voice actors are very versatile and can double up on roles if necessary
  • castingsinmyblood If anyone has an idea for an episode of this series, pitch it to me in my PMs and I'll add you to the writers room (and maybe director's room, if you'd like)

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