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  • nathanbates Why are Jason Blood and Etrigan two different roles? It’s a Jekyll and Hyde situation! It’s fun having one actor play both sides.
    • theoriginalmartian @nathanbates It's not Jekyll and Hyde. Jekyll and Hyde are the same person. Jason Blood and Etrigan are two separate beings that were bound to each other. I created them as two separate roles to reflect the fact that they are actually different people.
    • nathanbates @josephwolcott One turns into the other. That’s a Jekyll and Hyde situation. Plus it’s much more interesting and challenging to think of one actor that can play both than one each.
    • theoriginalmartian @nathanbates I'll emphasize again: it's not a Jekyll/Hyde situation. Jekyll existed before Hyde and Hyde is the evil passions of Jekyll given flesh and is thus literally the same person as Jekyll. That's not the case with Jason Blood and Etrigan. Jason Blood was a knight in Camelot. Etrigan was a demon, the son of Belial and half-brother of Merlin. Merlin bound the two together. Additionally, they have split on some occasions, something that was impossible for Jekyll and Hyde to do. To say a Jekyll/Hyde Situation is simply one turning into another is completely inaccurate. it not only is more accurate to cast them as two people, but it creates a much more interesting dynamic between the demon and the man.

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