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1 comment on DC's Earth 2021 Batman Vengeance of Red Hood

  • jackgaffney PLOT: 7 years have past since joker killed Jason Todd and the Batfamily have changed since then and continues to protect gotham but Bruce Barbara and Dick still have nightmares of that night, but when they get word of a mob meeting massacre they team work to find out who this new player is along the way they also learn that Scarecrow and Ra's Al Ghul are working together to combine their vision for gotham, when they try to capture Ra's and Crane the mystery player reveals himself as Red Hood and tries to kill Batman, batgirl and Nightwing during the fight Red Hood is revealed to be Jason Todd alive and blames his former team for letting him die, Ra's reveals that he planned Jason's transformation from joker killing Jason while Ra's used the Lazarus pit to resorect Jason and making him think the team had let him die, Bruce manages to turn Jason back and Jason reveals Crane & Ra's plan to unleashes the fear toxins on the whole city, the team and red Hood manage to deafet Scarecrow with his toxin while Ra's falls to his death, Jason decides to turn himself in but is welcomed back, mid-credit talia Al Ghul plans her move to avenge her father's death, post credit Kate Kane suites up as batwoman

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