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10 comments on Bloodshot Rises

  • misterwolf Restricted: Contains, foul language, violence, gritty images, and mature themes.

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  • misterwolf Plot: After arriving to her apartment, high-ranking police officer Arianna Mortalli finds her husband Giovanni and their young son Matteo dead. Only their toddler daughter Lyla survived. She is soon kidnapped along with her daughter. The kidnappers use Lyla's fear to their advantage in an attempt to force Arianna into revealing the location of the smuggled equipment that her husband was meant to hide away. She tells the truth, saying she does not know, and to ensure that they believe her, she says that even if she knew, she would rather die than tell them. They ultimately spare Lyla, but Arianna is shot dead.
  • misterwolf Fifteen years later in 2025, Arianna is revived by scientists, who have taken in Lyla until her mother's resurrection. However, she only remembers her name and Lyla, and the head of the scientists, Wallace Overton, tells her that she was murdered. He claims that a bullet to her head was what would have caused her amnesia upon her revival.
  • misterwolf After Lyla introduces Arianna to other enhanced fighters, including former agent Nix, doctor Malcom Li-Han reveals to Arianna that her blood is a billion nanites, which grant her superhuman strength, agility, advanced intelligence, and regeneration. Upon waking up from a dream in her room, Arianna begins doing sit-ups and uses punching bags; she later takes a break, and spots Lyla swimming in the pool. The two immediately rediscover their mother and daughter relationship, though Arianna spots a photo of a familiar man. It happens to be the man who killed her, Giovanni, and Matteo. Remembering her own history and her eventual murder, she sets out for New York City to find him. Arianna learns that the killer is Darius McConaughey, and eventually kills him, before returning to the laboratory.
  • misterwolf However, Overton reveals that he framed Darius, as he did to many people, who were also killed by Arianna. However Lyla and Li-Han, having had enough of the lab's authority, betray their superiors and free the unconscious Arianna before they narrowly escape with her. As she wakes up, Arianna finally learns from Lyla and Li-Han that she was being used as a weapon; the trio vows to exterminate them for what they have done.
  • misterwolf Arianna takes on the identity of Bloodshot and later kills Overton's friend Carl Lancaster; in retribution, Overton sends Nix after the trio. Bloodshot returns to the lab and kills Overton, but not before he reveals that he orchestrated the murder of her husband and son, and had sent Nix to carry out that crime. Realizing that Lyla will never be safe as long as Nix lives, Arianna travels to Florida, personally beheads Nix's friend and mentor Orion, and eviscerates Overton's accomplices.
  • misterwolf Saving Nix for last, Bloodshot engages him in a violent and destructive fight. It eventually reaches a stalement when she defeats Nix, but she spares him, knowing that his death would not bring Giovanni and Matteo back; however, when Lyla arrives, Nix tries to kill her, forcing Bloodshot to fight him again, eventually overpowering him and giving him a hard punch, causing him to fall to his death while she lands safely.
  • misterwolf In the aftermath, Arianna reunites with Lyla and embraces her. Li-Han remarks that the world will be looking for Arianna. The trio makes a pact to hunt scientists who wish to control humanity as the end credits roll.
  • misterwolf End Credits: BLOODSHOT RISES | Directed by Marc Webb | Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and Zack Snyder | Based on Valiant Comics by Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin, and Bob Layton | Edited by Kirk M. Morri and James Wan | Written by Jerry Bruckheimer and David S. Goyer | Cinematography by Zack Snyder and Trent Opaloch | Visual Effects by John Knoll | Choreography by Rob Marshall | Costumes Designed by Michael Wilkinson | Executive Producer: Deborah Snyder | Executive Producer: Michael Dougherty | Executive Producer: Christopher Nolan | Music by Hans Zimmer and Tom Holkenborg | Casting by Sarah Finn | Sasha Calle | Colin Farrell | Oscar Isaac | Isabella Sermon | Laurence Fishburne | BD Wong | Sam Neill | with Morgan Freeman | and Chris Pine
  • misterwolf Cast: Sasha Calle as Arianna Mortalli / Bloodshot | Colin Farrell as Giovanni | Oscar Isaac as Wallace Overton | Isabella Sermon as Lyla Mortalli | Laurence Fishburne as Orion | BD Wong as Malcolm Li-Han | Sam Neill as Carl Lancaster | Morgan Freeman as Darius McConaughey | Chris Pine as Agent Nix

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