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Fan Casting Gretel("Sora Mea"/"Brat")

Role added by bobbyhavens on June 19, 2021

Description of Gretel ("Sora Mea"/"Brat"):

One of two twisted incestuous,cannibalistic,dissociative,sadomasochistic twins raised within the Romanian snuff film industry who now work as mafia assassins and gleefully engage in the most unnatural of acts for their age. Like her brother, initially appears as a polite,unassuming,innocent Romanian girl ,referring to older males as "Mister" and older females as "Miss" although like her brother she calls older females she doesn`t find as respectable "Lady" on occasion. Wields an M-1918 Browning automatic rifle with a doll attached that is far taller than she is.



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Physical Appearance of Gretel
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    White / European Descent
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