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Fan Casting Roles for Best movies of each year


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6 comments on Best movies of each year

  • francescocendron @fredericarrowsmith I honestly don't know if you are more rude or superficial. Do you really think that movies like Lion King, Coco, Spirited Away, Shrek, Howl's moving castle, Up, Inside Out, Toy Story, Who framed Roger Rabbit, Zootopia, Mulan are only for little kids in the same way as Winnie the Pooh, Curious George, Pingu only because they are cartoons? Of you judge movies like that maybe it's you that need to be on some register somewhere...

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    • super_wahrrior @francescocendron Really? I hate the mindset that cartoons are just for kids. There are cartoons for adults too. Like Ricky & Morty, Family Guy, American Dad, and The Simpsons.
    • francescocendron @superwahrrior I know and I agree, there are cartoons for all ages. Maybe I said it in a different way but the concept is the same. It's the other user who thinks that of you watch them you are nuts
  • mikeypascual A user from India under the accounts karthikmantri and kunalkulkarni has been boosting suggestions on your story.

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  • fredericarrowsmith If you are a grown man without kids and you are watching cartoons maybe you need to be on some register somewhere.

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