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  • demiandex I'm having trouble using Davinci Resolve templates. When I apply them to my project, they don't seem to fit properly, and I have to adjust them manually. What am I doing wrong?
  • alanmount It's possible that the template you're using is designed for a different resolution than your project. Make sure that you're using a template that matches your project resolution. You can check your project resolution by going to the project settings. Another thing to check is the frame rate. Make sure that the template you're using matches the frame rate of your project. If these settings are correct and you're still having issues, you may need to adjust the position and scale of the template manually
  • demiandex That makes sense. Where can I find templates that match my project resolution and frame rate?
  • alanmount You can search for templates on websites that offer templates specifically for Davinci Resolve. One website that I've found useful is motionarray. They offer templates that are compatible with different resolutions and frame rates. You can also find davinci resolve templates on link, as we discussed earlier. They have templates that are designed specifically for Davinci Resolve, so they should be compatible with your project.

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