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Fan Casting Roles for Ben 10/Justice League: The Series



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21 comments on Ben 10/Justice League: The Series

  • cutmanisback I could see a video game based off this series

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  • cutmanisback don't blame me for adding Bugs and Daffy I did that because I wanted to represent Warner's classic characters

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    • darkstorm I get it, but I don't think they're going to be any use in this series. Besides, this series is rated PG-13.
    • cutmanisback @darkstorm well If anything they could show up If there's any big battle happening or when Ben turns Into an Alien they can (sometimes) try to help him fight villains but and would show up In the beginning to the episode
    • darkstorm They're too "cartoony" to be a part of this series due to the darker and serious aspects from this series. Just because it's an animated series, that doesn't mean it's for kids who are below 13 years old.

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  • usamazahid Impressive. I like that quality cast. Why don't you add some Generator Rex characters and we could have a complete Royal Rumble.
    • darkstorm It'll be too overkill and way too many characters to keep track up. Due to production constrain, I try to limited myself and using Ben 10, DC, and TMNT characters.

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    • usamazahid @darkstorm Either case, it works.

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  • nathanewing Ben and Supergirl, a okay ship. I just ship Ben with Ester. Respecting your opinion.

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