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Fan Casting Roles for Batman (90s TV Series)



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4 comments on Batman (90s TV Series)

  • dafilmqueen Can I add descriptions for our friends? The ones I’m willing to do are for the roles I added, and Anarky, so hopefully it’s no bother.

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  • dafilmqueen I love this fancast. It’s so much fun researching into 90s actors and figuring out how to fit them into the roles. I can never get enough of the Batfamily.
  • dafilmqueen One question, do you know any DC cameos we could add onto here? Our Bats expand a lot, so Arrow family or not?
  • dafilmqueen You know, I think I figured out what years this fancast would work best in: 1992-1997. The reason I chose those years was because of the ages of some of the young actors. I calculated the math and realized that some of these actors wouldn’t work. For example, Will Friedle as Nightwing? Yeah, not gonna work. In 1992, he would’ve been at least 15, and that’s not good since Nightwing is supposed to be older than Red Hood. It’s even worse once you consider Jensen Ackles’s age, because irl he’s 1 year younger than Will Friedle, and according to my calculations, in 1992 he would’ve been at least 14. Kate Winslet would’ve been 16 in 1992, Kirsten Dunst would’ve been 10, and Zhang Ziyi would’ve been 13, but most egregious of all, Jared Padalecki would’ve been the youngest cast member, as in 1992 he would’ve been a whopping 9 years old. That is such a heavy load of casting for a what if 90s show. Nope, Will Friedle cannot be Nightwing. If we went with A Death In The Family, Nightwing being 15 would mean he would be present at home with the Batfamily and not out in space in order to be absent for Jason’s funeral. Nope, it has to be Christian Bale. He would’ve been 18 in 1992, so he’s perfect for Nightwing.

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