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7 comments on Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • user_14144 None of these character are white, theyre all poc. You shouldnt be putting white people for their roles lmao

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    • user_14144 @thomasrindler No, you educate yourself. Aang is not white, he, and the other air nomads are based off the looks and beliefs of Tibetian monks. The water Tribe's are based of Inuit and Native American people. Both the fire nation and the earth kingdom are based off China and Imperial Japan. The swamp benders are based off of Vietnamese Americans and the entire show is based off many different Asian cultures. The only white influence in the show is that the architecture in the northern water tribe is inspired by Italian cities. I don't mean to be rude, but please fact check yourself before trying to educate others :)

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    • peterjudge04 @thomasrindler The Avatar world is Asian and Native American-influenced. Aang is not "white", he's an Asian Tibetan. According to this argument, Light Yagami is "white" cause he doesn't look like a WW2 propaganda poster. All of the characters are Asian/Native American, it's sufficient look up on the net and you'll find out the truth, thank you.

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    • danibanani78 @thomasrindler actually, aang is canon asian. educate yourself

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